This is my first serious attempt at a blog. I kind of played with one before, but didn’t like Blogger so much. (I’ve discovered I love WordPress!) So that blog fell through the cracks and I thought maybe blogging just wasn’t my thing. However, I love to share ideas and my experiences, learn new ways to do things, and maybe inspire others to try new things, too. So, as it turns out, blogging is my thing. My other “thing” is making stuff. Stuff like food, crafts, taking on projects. You know, that sort of stuff. I have always been a creative person, and I feel I am at my best when I am creating something, whether it is gluing together refrigerator magnet or forging new pathways of knowledge in the minds of my kids (my own and in school). Creating helps relieve some of my stress, and sharing what I’ve created excites me!

So, please, feel free to join me as I try out new things, rely on tried-and-true stand-bys, and make attempts on ideas I find on Pinterest.

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